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The Raging Marys

Birthday (Remastered)

The Raging Marys

London Down changed gears and became The Raging Marys from 1988-1991, part of a West Coast pre-grunge movement just before grunge exploded in the Pacific Northwest. The band released the indie "Birthday" on Nov. 17, 1989. The album then and new draws favorable reviews:

"One thing I love about remastering old albums is remembering how tight bands had to be before computers. Great band, great songs, and great production by Kevin Army." -- Justin Perkins, Mystery Room Mastering

Original press:
"On a local record level this is as good as it gets." -- San Jose Metro 
"You can immediately tell when a band is putting out their guts. No formulated or contrived licks here. This is soul music." -- Face It Magazine  

"The Marys show a lot of energy and promise. I am impressed by the group's debut LP and cassette." -- BAM 

"For honest energy, it's hard to touch them." -- Good Times 
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Live Album

Live in San Jose

London Down/The Raging Marys

Recorded Jan. 11, 2020, at the Art Boutiki Music Hall in San Jose, Calif.

Mixed and mastered by Kevin Army (Green Day, Operation Ivy), the album features songs spanning the band's 35-year career, from their debut album in 1987 to their 2018 reunion album "Gnashville," plus songs from their time performing as The Raging Marys and recent singles.
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