London Down is an alternative rock band that rose out of the fertile college rock scene in San Jose, California, in the late 1980s. 

The band reunited in August 2018 in Nashville to record the 13-song indie album, “Gnashville” (Dec. 7, 2018). The album features the group's signature garage-band grit, jangly electric folk and punchy rock grooves. College radio has already jumped on the release, with the album breaking the top 100 in just a few weeks. 

Subtle commentaries on social discord ("Burning Bridges"), the Parkland, Florida, shooting ("Molly") smartphone addiction ("Disease") and the West Coast housing crisis (“You Got Yours”) give the album a depth of conscience. 

Two members of Luke Bryan’s band contributed to the project: Childhood friend Dave Ristrim produced, bassist James Cook recorded, mixed and mastered “Gnashville” at his studio. 



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Photo by Gary Brewster

Photo by Gary Brewster

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