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London Down rose out of the San Francisco Bay Area’s fertile college rock scene of the late 1980s, boasting a signature sound that mixes garage-band grit, jangly electric folk and punchy rock grooves. 

The chemistry that propelled this quartet to the upper ranks of the West Coast college rock scene remains unchanged, as evident on the group's recent indie album, "Live in San Jose." 

Recorded in January 2020 at the Art Boutiki Music Hall in their hometown of San Jose, California, the album spans the group's career, from their debut vinyl album "Strange Places Unknown" in 1987 to songs from their time as The Raging Marys (1989-91) and from their 2018 reunion album "Gnashville." 

The album also features live versions of two singles released in 2020 ("Tiger Baby" and "I Must Have Lost My Mind") plus a sonic blast of Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel." 

Oakland punk rock legend Kevin Army (Green Day, Operation Ivy) mixed and mastered the album. Army also produced and engineered The Raging Marys’ 1989 album, “Birthday.” 

Childhood friend Dave Ristrim, who produced "Gnashville" and now plays guitar and pedal steel in country star Luke Bryan's band, joined London Down on guitar for the live recording. 

London Down began pre-production on dozens of new songs in late 2020 for a planned new album in 2021.

At the Art Boutiki Music Hall, San Jose, California

At the Art Boutiki Music Hall, San Jose, California


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