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At the Art Boutiki Music Hall, San Jose, California

At the Art Boutiki Music Hall, San Jose, California


Kids, jobs, marriage, the deaths of loved ones -- the founding members of London Down have experienced 30 years of life’s ups and downs since they last made music together as wide-eyed 20-somethings in San Jose, California. 

But the chemistry that propelled this quartet to the upper ranks of the San Francisco Bay Area’s college rock scene of the late 1980s remains unchanged. 

The band reunited in 2018 and has since released a handful of singles -- including "I Must Have Lost My Mind" and "Tiger Baby" in 2020 -- and the 13-song indie album, "Gnashville," in 2018.  

The new music features the group's signature garage-band grit, jangly electric folk and punchy rock grooves -- a sound that still resonates. 

College radio jumped on "Gnashville," with the indie album breaking the top 100 in just a few weeks. 

Subtle commentaries on social discord ("Burning Bridges"), the Parkland, Florida, shooting ("Molly") smartphone addiction ("Disease") and the West Coast housing crisis (“You Got Yours”) give the album a depth of conscience. 

Two members of Luke Bryan’s band contributed to the project: Childhood friend Dave Ristrim produced, and bassist James Cook recorded, mixed and mastered “Gnashville” at his studio. 

London Down will release a 13-song live album in July 2020 then enter the studio again to work on a full-length album for release in late 2020 or early 2021.


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