We hit 94 percent of the notes live (we did the math)

Greetings, friends.  

When we formed the band on Labor Day weekend back in 1985, it wasn’t pretty. Blasting through Stones and Ramones songs in a gritty rehearsal room shaped like a hallway in the back of long-gone Campbell Music, London Down launched.  

And it still ain’t pretty. Thirty-five years later, our music is still raw. We hit 94 percent of the notes live (we did the math). But we hit them with intensity -- so maybe there’s a cosmic offset of some kind?  

Anyway, all this to say we recorded our sold-out “Gnashville” album release party back in March 2019 and a follow-up show in January 2020. We released a live album from the second show on July 17. Oakland punk rock icon Kevin Army (Green Day, Operation Ivy) mixed and mastered the 13 songs that span our career plus a sonic-blast cover of Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel."

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Thanks for your support!  

Phil Chris  Steve Eli
London Down

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